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My Latest Work for a Talented Artist

imageHi Everyone! I just finished building out a WordPress website for a good friend of mine. Her website is Her website included a Jukebox player built with jPlayer HTML5 Audio Player for her country songs. It required some customization to the coding and graphics. I also implemented an email signup box which is connected to her Mailchimp account. Finally, I added a custom Photo Gallery to show off her promo pictures. Well, I hope this website will help her along her way of becoming a huge country music star!

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My new MAV logo

Last week I was drinking some Maker’s Mark Whiskey and I thought of an idea for a new logo… a cool wax seal in black! I built it in Photoshop using some simple tools. First, I made two circles of different colors, and then I used the Warp tool to make the bottom circle look like it’s melting on the page. Next, I used Bevel and Emboss Layer style to give the logo a 3-dimensional look. And then I added some shadow effects to the fonts as well. Hope you guys like my new MAV ideas logo!

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Freelance Anyone?

image Hello. My name is Marie Davis. I just moved to Riverside and I really love the area. There are so many cool stores and great restaurants here. I still haven’t explored all of Riverside yet.

Anyways, I work downtown at an Ad Agency as a Jr. Web Developer. Right now, I really want to do more freelance work for the Jacksonville area. If anyone needs a start-up website or needs help with their current website, let me know. I can do custom web design, web development, and even Web Marketing. Plus I am easy to work with :)

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